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What Happens in Vegas

When 19 year old Scott goes to Vegas with his girlfriend, father and stepmom, one hotel keycard will change his entire night.
What Happens in Vegas

Scott crossed his arms as he leaned against the doorframe to his parent’s hotel room.

“My phone has been buzzing nonstop since we got here,” his stepmom said. Anne’s voice was full of pride as she unpacked her suitcase, “Everyone has been calling to congratulate you. Stanford! Has it sunk in yet?”

Scott shrugged. “I doubt it’ll sink in until I’m on campus,” he said.

“I don’t want to think about you moving out just yet. What am I going to do without you?” Anne asked. Scott couldn’t help but smile.

His stepmom was gorgeous. He could remember when she first came into his life four years ago.  She still had much the same figure as she had then - long shapely legs from a former career as a ballerina and a full natural chest that pressed tightly against her tank top as she flitted around the hotel room, brimming with excitement.

Her hair was a dark glossy brown, twisted into a high ponytail that revealed her beautiful heart-shaped face and full lips.

“Are you coming with Megan and I to celebrate?” Scott asked.

“I have a round of emails to send out and I need to complete my motion before tomorrow, it might take a few hours.” Anne sighed. “But I promise, as soon as I’ve hit send I’ll be out the door.”

“Okay.” Scott said.

Anne wrapped Scott into a hug. Embarrassed, Scott tried to pull away, but something about the soft press of her chest, the sweet smell of her perfume, the warmth of her body… it stirred something within him.

With pretend reluctance, he wrapped his arms around Anne’s waist, secretly reveling in how small she felt in his arms, and the movement brought Anne’s thigh in-between his. To his surprise, his cock began to react in interest, twitching softly in his boxers.

There was a pause as the sensation passed between them; Anne’s body so tight against his she couldn’t help but feel it too.

Scott broke first, “I-I should get going,” he mumbled, releasing his stepmom and backing out of the door, “Megan’s waiting for me in our room.”

Anne looked down on the floor, trying to hide her blushing. “Yes, yes, of course,” was all she managed to say before Scott had hastily disappeared.

Back in his own room, Megan was sprawled out over their double bed. His girlfriend was slim, just like his stepmom, but a little less curvy; her cute breasts hidden behind an overly large Stanford sweatshirt with long slim legs spilling out underneath. Her hair was similar too, long and brunette, trailing down her back in a sleek plait.

As Scott entered she perked up. Scott’s cock, still partially erect from earlier, became harder.

“Lock the door,” she ordered Scott, watching as his eyes traveled over her body, “we’re going to make the most of this bed.”

“This is shit,” Kyle threw down the remote and groaned as he heaved himself from the sofa, “I’m going out.”

Tapping away at her laptop, Anne glanced up at her husband from her position on the bed. “Aren’t you going to wait for Scott and Megan?”

“They’re taking too long. And anyways, I wanna hit up the slots, first,” Kyle said, slipping into his shoes.

“Tonight is supposed to be about Scott,” Anne kept her voice low, “not about you.”

Whatever.” Kyle said. “I’ll be back later.”

It was all Anne could do not to burst into tears as Kyle slammed the door behind him. Without the TV and her husband’s loud breathing, the room was now filled with a deep silence.

“I will enjoy my night alone,” Anne muttered to herself, “it’s always better without you anyway.”

Resigning herself to the fact that she wasn’t going to get any more work done that night, she put her laptop to the side. Anne pulled off her vest and yoga pants before slipping under the soft duvet, enjoying the luxurious feel of it against her skin. She leaned to the side to switch off the lamp, bathing herself in darkness, and spread her legs wide, ready to tease herself.

She cupped her breast and lightly rolled her fingers against the hard nub of her nipple, sending little waves of pleasure through her body. Her other hand moved down between her legs, settling on her pussy as it grew wetter and wetter in anticipation. Her fingers easily slid over her lips and her clit, quickly finding her usual rhythm.

Through the wall, Anne could hear a faint noise. She paused, hand suspended over her vagina. The sound was growing louder. “Oh my God. Oh my God. Fuck me Scott. Fuck me harder. Fuck. It’s so big.”

Anne’s eyes flew open. The sounds were coming from her stepson’s room; it was Scott fucking Megan, causing her to cry out in pleasure, obviously unable to control herself.

Although she had paused her masturbation, the sounds of two people passionately fucking each other, needing each other made her wetter. Anne let out a soft moan, her fingers shaking with the need to continue, to finish herself off, but surely she couldn’t. Not to the sounds of her own son. As the sounds continued to grow in volume, it became harder to resist, her hips pressing back against her fingers.

But...she couldn’t.

Anne ripped her hand out from under the duvet and closed her eyes instead, pressing a pillow over her head to drown out the noises of Megan’s blissful moans as Scott plunged his cock in and out of her pussy, over and over and over…

“Where the hell is it…?”

Scott wandered the halls of the hotel, completely dazed, each hallway a mirror of the next, a seemingly endless maze of doors and imitation sandstone. He had been on the move for fifteen minutes trying to find somewhere he could buy another condom, stupidly having left behind his usual stash.

As Scott turned a corner, he was confronted by someone stumbling along the corridor.

“Dad?” Scott called out. The man turned.

“Oh hey there, Scotty,” Kyle slurred, “trying to find your room, too?”

“Something like that.” Scott said. “You do remember we’re getting dinner later, right?”

“Sure, sure,” Kyle’s head lolled from side to side as he spoke, “Whatever you say. You didn’t need to come find me. Your stepmom already texted me to come back and get washed up. I’ll get there when I get there.”

Scott reached forward and reached his hand into his father’s coat pocket, snatching Kyle’s wallet out. “No more drinking. You have an hour to sober up, Dad. Please.”

Not waiting for a reply, Scott turned on his heel and made his way back through the hallway. As he tucked the wallet into his own pocket, he could see the shiny, silver foil of a condom poking from the top.

“Oh. Good timing,” Scott thought, “Now I don’t have to get a new one.”

With a click, Scott closed the door gently behind him. He was surprised to see that Megan had turned off the lights and shifted under the covers, but no matter - this way he could wake her up with a surprise.

Scott lifted the duvet gently and slid upwards, following the smooth curve of a pair of legs. Megan was laying on her back, and it only took a little nudge for her legs to fall open. In the darkness, instinct urged Scott on, and his mouth easily located the sweet, soft lips of a pussy, warm and wet.

A small, surprised moan sounded out from above him, spurring him on. Scott flicked his tongue back and forth, feeling Megan’s pussy grow wetter under his tongue. Megan’s pussy tasted different somehow - sweeter than he remembered. He savoured the taste, narrowing his tongue to a point and slipping it inside her hole, fucking her, his hands now finding her lips and spreading them. His cock grew heavy, pressing into the mattress, the urge to sink himself into his girlfriend almost too much to handle.

Rising up a little onto his knees, Scott unzipped his jeans and began to roll on the condom, hands shaking from arousal.


Scott froze. That wasn’t Megan’s voice. But the hotel key worked perfectly…. In growing horror, Scott found himself noticing the slight variation of this woman’s pussy, tighter around his tongue than usual.


The duvet was ripped back and a wave of cold air crashed in. Despite the dark, Scott was just able to make out the features of his stepmom above him - the firm breasts, the slim legs, the toned stomach. She was naked, and for the first time Scott could see her perfect round breasts, rising and falling with every breath she took, and her stiff, beautiful nipples, hard from arousal.

“What are you doing?!” Anne asked, her voice high but hushed, processing the sight of her son lying between her legs, his face pressed into her pussy.  

“I thought...the hotel key...I must’ve..” Scott babbled, entranced, the taste of his stepmom’s pussy thick on his tongue.

“You need to leave,” Anne said as she pulled away from him, turning and getting onto all fours to reach across the bed to switch on the lamp.

As the light flicked on, Scott was greeted with the sight of his stepmom’s ass and her tight, wet pussy tucked between her slim thighs, glistening from his tongue and her own arousal. The ache in his cock grew exponentially, and despite himself, he was drawn like a magnet to her body.

Scott moved forward on his knees. When he reached Anne, he moved the tip of his cock gently against her opening, collecting the wetness there. Anne gasped loudly, jerking away, but finding herself unable to move as Scott’s firm grip slid around her waist.

“No.” Anne stuttered, “Please...please….don’t….please...please….I need more.”

Against her will, Anne moaned, feeling her son’s cock sliding deeper inside; it had been so long since she had been held like this, desired in this way.

Her legs trembled as Scott’s grip on her waist decided it for her, urging her backwards until she was taking inch after inch of his throbbing cock into her pussy.

“Oh my God, Scott,” Anne’s eyes widened and she bit her lip to keep from moaning louder, “you’re so much bigger than your father.”

“Better, too,” Scott growled and began to pump his hips, filling Anne’s pussy with his hard, long cock. His hand moved over her thigh. He circled his fingers over her clit and was rewarded with a squeal of pleasure from his stepmom, who eagerly spread her legs a little wider now, accepting his touch, wanting more.

“I can’t believe this is happening,” Anne dropped to her elbows, arching her back; Scott’s cock felt impossibly big and she couldn’t help but push back, fucking herself harder and harder on his shaft, “you’re going to make me cum.”

The sight of his stepmom so slutty, her tight pussy sinking onto his cock, set his insides on fire. He could feel the excitement building deep inside him until he felt like he was about to explode.  

“I’m- I’m gonna- c-cum,” Anne cried out, and Scott could feel her pussy twitching and squeezing tighter around his cock, milking him so perfectly, and then he too was cumming deep inside her, filling the condom until he was completely spent.

Scott let his cock slide from his stepmom’s pussy and collapsed backwards onto the bed, little stars bursting in front of his eyes.

Anne lay back as well, feeling a sense of contentment and being so utterly, perfectly fucked. She ran a finger over Scott's now semi-flaccid cock.

Just for fun, she considered sucking it and seeing if what they said about the stamina of younger men was true.

There came a soft knock at the door. Anne and Scott looked at each other. Then a female voice said "Scott?"