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Patience at the Hospital

When Kathy Johnson takes the late shift at the hospital one evening, she runs into a familiar patient.
Patience at the Hospital

The tick of the minute hand was the only thing keeping Kathy Johnson's nodding head and lidded eyes from fully succumbing to sleep. It was stupid-o’-clock, and every patient on the ward was mercifully asleep, albeit in various states of discomfort.

For the first time since her break-up, Kathy felt as though her dreams would finally be empty of that face, his crinkled eyes, his tight smile.

Kathy wasn’t one to brag but at 5’2 with plaited brown hair, hazel eyes and heart shaped face, she considered herself quite a catch, or well…used to.

A double shift wasn’t the ideal cure, but it sure was better than nothing. She still had his unopened messages on her phone. Yet as she sat at her station, her back leaned comfortably against the wall, they didn’t seem to matter quite as much. Not yet, anyway.

With every passing moment, Kathy’s thoughts drained from her mind like liquid dripping from her ear, all the troubles of the day seeping from her body. Only an emergency would wake her now.

“Help! I need help! Is anyone out there?”

It was like a shot of adrenaline to the heart. Kathy’s whole body was moving before her mind caught up; she was on her feet, halfway down the hall when she realized someone was calling her. The bright white of the corridor was disorientating, almost seeming to tilt around her.

“Help me!”

It was a man’s voice, baritone and weathered, bouncing against the walls of the quiet ward. Kathy’s heart rate was spiking; she imagined the beep of her heart rate monitor in this moment, how it would send every nurse in the vicinity in her direction.

In moments like this, it was like her break-up didn’t exist, and she was whole once more.

“Sir?” She called out, finally rounding the corner the voice had emerged from.

Skidding to a halt, Kathy’s face creased in confusion.

Standing in front of the vending machine just outside of the ward was someone familiar looking. He was tall, broad-shouldered, wearing a hospital gown and a sling. Beneath his blue eyes he sported a trimmed beard, short against his face and greying all over. A classically handsome face was underneath, weathered from a life well lived.

“S-sir?” Kathy repeated, and she found herself wondering if she had fallen asleep at her station after all. “Grandpa?”

“Finally. Kath,” he wasn’t even looking at her, fixated on the vending machine as he was, “you gotta help me. This damn machine ate my money. Is this how they’re paying your wages?”

Kathy shook her head in confusion. It had been a good few years since she had last seen her grandpa (her paternal grandma’s fourth husband after Kathy’s actual grandpa had passed a decade or so ago), and it seemed he was causing as much trouble as ever.

“Joe, what’re you doing here? Grandma said you were in Singapore.”

“Singapore was last month,” Joe shrugged, finally cutting his losses and giving the vending machine a parting kick. “Now, I’m here. Next week, it’ll be Miami, once I’ve sorted my arm out.”

“Your arm?” Kathy echoed.

“Motorcycle accident,” he was walking up to her now, “you know how it is.”

“No, I don’t,” she smiled despite herself and caught him in a tight hug, “you’re incorregible.”

Towering over her, Kath tucked her head under his chin and felt his one good arm slide around the small of her back, pulling her in tight. He smelt amazing; woody, earthy, clean. The hug was well-needed, with Kathy holding onto Joe tight.

“Everything alright?” Joe murmured, instinct telling him otherwise.

“Long day,” Kathy sighed against his body, allowing herself this at least. She relaxed against him, finding comfort in his familiar presence. “You should’ve called me and told me you were here.”

“I did,” Joe told her, “you weren’t picking up the phone.”

Kathy cursed internally; ignoring her phone hadn’t been the best idea after all.

“Show me where they’re keeping you,” Kathy pulled away from the hug now, feeling more human than before, “maybe we can get you an upgrade.”

“And a refund for that dollar,” Joe huffed.

“A dollar?” Kathy rolled her eyes, “You were shouting for help over a dollar?

“I can ask your nurse to help you with this,” Kathy was hesitant and it showed in her voice. They were in a private room that Kathy had managed to find after looking through the patient list. It wasn’t large, but it was better than the double he had been sharing with a patient who snored like a freight train.

“You mean Nurse Ratched, or whoever?”

“Rachel,” Kathy corrected him.

Joe rolled his eyes. “Just get the sponge.”

From the trolley behind her, Kathy gathered some supplies. The fluid that had leaked onto Joe’s legs was sticky and pervasive; she’d need to strip him off first.

“Can you undress yourself?” She asked him.

He grunted something close to an affirmative as Kathy filled a small bowl with warm water and approached Joe’s bed. Sitting up against the bedsheets, Joe had removed his slacks and - to her surprise - he hadn’t been wearing anything underneath. His cock was soft but huge, larger than she ever would’ve guessed, laying casually against his thigh. Instinctively she found herself gulping. Grandma was a lucky girl.

Kathy placed the bowl down and stood over Joe, beginning to run the soft sponge over his thighs. They were strong, smooth-skinned. Each time Kathy dipped down into his inner thigh his cock began to react in interest, a little twitch running up the side.

“Sorry,” Joe cleared his throat.

“Don’t be,” Kathy tried to keep her voice steady, “it’s perfectly natural.”

Again and again Kathy ran the sponge over Joe, a little higher now. Intrigue struck her mind; with each throb of his cock it grew larger and larger, and each time Kathy couldn’t comprehend that it was still growing. Eyes fixated, Kathy pressed harder, purposefully bringing the sponge closer to Joe’s shaft, brushing against it in her sweeping movements.

The moment the sponge wetted Joe’s cock he shuddered deeply, his eyes fluttering shut. Kathy let her free hand rest on Joe’s thigh, leaning in and reaching to the far side of his body, all the while watching Joe’s thickening member with a hunger she hadn’t felt in a very long time.

What’s wrong with me? She found herself thinking. Am I really that in need of a rebound?

Joe cleared his throat once more and Kathy snapped back into the room, finding Joe gazing at her imploringly.

“Perhaps I should stop there,” Kathy admitted, embarrassment tinging her cheeks a light pink.

“Please, don’t,” Joe said. A shiver ran through Kathy’s body. Joe’s voice was heavy with arousal, his eyes hooded and expectant. “It… it feels amazing. You… make me feel amazing.”

“I can’t…” Kathy said, “I…” She felt a deep ache rise from inside her.

It was wrong. All of this was wrong. Kathy’s hands moved on their own, the sponge now coming up the length of Joe’s shaft, wetting it from base to tip. Joe gasped, pressing his hips up into her. He was so responsive, so willing. It was everything she wanted, and she only need take it with trembling hands.

Joe stretched out his hands. “Come here.”

Kathy stepped into him, peeling off her scrubs. For the first time their lips met hungrily, wet and searching, before Joe’s mouth left hers to travel down her jaw, her neck, her collarbone. Little moans started to escape Kathy’s lips, his hot tongue on her skin drawing them out, his teeth gently grazing each pressure point as it went. She could hear how aroused he was, the heaviness of his breath tickling her ear.

To feel wanted in that way… it was unashamedly addictive.

Slowly but firmly, Joe’s unharmed hand came up to cup her breasts through her bra. Kathy’s nipples were hard, straining, filling his hands perfectly. With her moans growing ever more breathy, Kathy laced her fingers into Joe’s hair, relishing in the sensation of skin on skin, of texture and pleasure and scent and arousal.

The room seemed to heat up, a sense of urgency beginning to build between the two of them. Joe’s hand travelled down her waist, seeking out Kathy’s thigh, urging her onto the bed. Getting the hint, she climbed upwards, settling a thigh either side of his. The change in angle returned Joe’s lips to hers and the kiss deepened, tongues melding.

Against Kathy, Joe’s cock - fully erect - was straining, begging to be touched. Her cheeks and chest burned red with arousal, shame, heat, mixing and blending and fogging her thoughts endlessly.

Suddenly, Joe’s hand was between her thighs, his fingers edging under Kathy’s skirt and around her panties, deftly seeking out her wetness. It embarrassed her how badly she wanted him, how badly she wanted this. How long had it been since she had been touched like this? His fingers were soft but insistent, wetly collecting her juices and swirling around her clit, causing her to rock against him in her eagerness.

A large grin was building across Joe’s face; to have reduced Kathy to this, her thighs quivering against his, it was surreal. Now, he dropped his fingers, and grabbed the back of her neck, assertive, needy, and pulled her forward just a little, putting her full, exposed breasts in line with his face. Hungrily, Joe’s lips latched around Kathy’s nipple. She gasped in pleasure, and beneath her, fingers still coated in her wetness, Joe went to the base of his cock, angling it upwards.

“Are you going to be a good girl and ride my cock?” He asked, a growl in his voice.

“Yes,” it was a sigh of pleasure more than answer, “yes.”

Feeling the tip pressed against the opening of her pussy Kathy eagerly shifted her legs wider, shuddering at the overwhelming sensation of needing to be filled. As Joe rolled the nub of her nipple between his teeth, groaning indulgently, Kathy inched herself onto Joe’s cock. Kathy watched as Joe’s face transformed into an expression of pure bliss.

Pussy stretching around Joe’s thick cock, Kathy moaned - loud. Immediately she clapped a hand over her mouth, releasing her situation, the reality of what was happening close to crashing in. Joe fought to draw her attention back, planting his feet and pushing upwards until his cock fully bottomed out against Kathy. It was like static spread across them both; the hairs along Kathy’s arms stood to attention. Her clit was perfectly, blissfully, pressing downwards against Joe’s groin.

She could only gasp, beyond moans, well beyond words, as Joe thrust upwards, unrelenting, grunts of exertion exploding from his mouth. They filled the empty room with their heat, and now it was just the two of them, locked in this one moment. Kathy’s head started to roll back, his grip was tightening, his tongue still flicking over her nipples as they bounced and rocked in front of his face; each wet slide caused more pleasure to spark across her skin.

As Joe plunged his cock in and out of Kathy’s pussy, an inquisitive finger slinked across her ass cheek, finding her asshole vulnerable and untouched.  He pressed his fingertip against the hot pink pucker, feeling it slide inside just slightly, using his grip to pull Kathy ever closer to him.

It was overwhelming, indescribable, as if Joe was everywhere, everything. Kathy began to shake, gasps crashing against the walls of the room like an ocean at high tide. Her pussy was so wet that Joe’s cock met little resistance now, sliding in and out and pressing into her clit with every upward trust. It was hard to breathe, hard to think, and the building pressure Kathy was feeling was now surging outwards - filling every inch of her skin was a burst of pleasure.

With a heavy grunt, Joe broke tempo, the sensation of Kathy’s pussy fluttering and clenching around her, the beauty of her flushed face taking him by surprise. Her hips rolled and shook, driving his cock into her until the very end. Joe was tipped over the edge, his orgasm tearing through his body, cock pumping and twitching, filling Kathy with cum. His hands on her hips were like iron, driving her down onto him until every last drop was gone, conceded.

The two sat together catching their breath. An unspoken promise passed between them, that this was a secret, that this moment would never leave this room. But at least Kathy had something to look forward to for Thanksgiving.